Missouri Poetry Project: poets from the Show Me State 2018-ongoing

GMH Thompson, Yard Sale at The Devil's Petting Zoo, front cover, 11-28-18.jpg

Yard Sale at the Devil’s Petting Zoo

G.M.H. Thompson

G.M.H. Thompson was born on February 15th, 1990, at about 12 midnight, in a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.

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suicidal phoenix2_front.jpg

Sparkle Princess vs. Suicidal Phoenix

Jeanette Powers

The first ever 'new and selected' full-length book by poet artist Jeanette Powers, "Sparkle Princess vs. Suicidal Phoenix" covers works as far back as 2008 and focuses on some of the most delightful, funny poems and some of the most heartbroken. This book is the quintessential collection of a decade's worth of work.

releases Nov 27, 2018

Jim McGowin front cover.jpg


Jim McGowin

Jim McGowin does art but keeps a day job. He has been published in Chance Operations, e UCity Review, Rusty Truck, e Gasconade Review and has authored several chapbooks. He lives in St. Louis, MO with his family and two cats.

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Brett Lars Underwood, Mush, front cover, 2-4-18.jpg


Brett Underwood

Brett Lars Underwood is a bartender and a gadabout who
writes, promotes and produces happenings and mishaps in St. Louis. brettlarsunderwood @ gmail.com

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Raphael Maurice, The Idiot's Calendar, front cover, 2-7-18.jpg

The Idiot’s Calendar

Raphael Maurice

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Benjamin Kuzemka front cover.jpg

Dance Grooves for Gotikara

Benjamin Kuzemka

Benjamin Kuzemka is from suburban Chicago. He spent the most part of his twenties on a handful of continents and then joined a religious order. He left seminary, met a girl, and now lives in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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Kevin Peery front cover 1.jpg

Bootlegger’s Bluff

Kevin W. Peery

Americana songwriter and Kansas-City-based storyteller K.W. Peery is the author of five poetry collections: Tales of a Receding Hairline; Purgatory; Wicked Rhythm; Ozark Howler; Gallatin Gallows.

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Sean Arnold FRONT cover.jpg

Lost and Found by the Muddy Banks

Sean Arnold

Sean Arnold is a poet, writer and visual artist residing in South Saint Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Webster University in 2015 with a degree in Creative Writing where he was poetry editor of the Green Fuse literary magazine and studied under David Clewell.

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Matthew Haines, Rockstar, updated cover, 6-10-18.jpg

Rockstar / Paperman / Scissorhand

Chigger Matthews

Chigger is a language artist living in the American Midwest. He is the chief editor for The Artifact, Planet Earth’s First Global Poetry Newspaper and his work appears at home and abroad.

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